Silver Liberation Army Official Communiqué No 2: Formal Declaration of War on Banker Occupation

Posted: March 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

yOu HaVe BeEn ReLeGaTeD tO ThE rEcYcLe BiN fOr ImItAtInG gEnIuS

  1. Tom Gilmore says:

    I am a member holding 7,500 ounces of silver bullets to DESTROY JPM and the banks!! I will continue to buy PHYSICAL SILVER taking away any means for JPM and the banks to continue to live. The banks must die, all of them, they are leeches on humanity.

    • jacques says:

      it’s an honor to serve in the Sliver Liberation Army, and it is my duty to fight for the good people against bankster ocupation
      I am holding 2000 ounces of silver bullets, I love every dib in price because it signals my buy time of more physical silver

  2. Silver will set us free! says:

    Crash JP Morgan! Buy Silver!

  3. Mark Ridler says:

    I am a member holding 1145 ounces of physical silver. I also hold some leveraged silver ETFs which are showing large gains and will be converting to physical shortly. JPM and the other banksters must go – the sooner the better. We will all feel that a great weight has been lifted from our shoulders when they are destroyed.

  4. corporal B says:

    my 1000oz silver bar in JPM’s ASS!@!!!!!!

  5. fearless says:

    I am a member holding 3500 bullets. I don’t care if the spot price goes up or down until JPM folds. They are cornered and cornered animals strike back. But our numbers increase daily. Our ammunition increases daily.

  6. David from CH says:

    Hello out there.
    I wanted to ask whether this is an “official” Annonymous Group or just inspired by them. I have bad news too: I thins the plan of the global banking cartel is to blame us as speculators for the shi* they done. I think they will try to poit on us with their finger and say 5 Years of hoarting and speculating destroyed them instead of their 30 years of shorting silver. I think they will try to blame us as financial terrorists instead of themselves. We should prepare a counter strategy for that case. we should spread the message that they are the terrorists and not us before they blame us! If you have connections to Anon, try to spread it through the net!

  7. Freedomfalcon says:

    Remember, the Silver Shirts! We do!
    I wonder how many rolls of toilet paper it takes them to buy an Abrams tank from General Dynamics?

  8. Agent Benjamin "MoRed" Strong says:

    Greetings from Midwest USA SLAOPS
    RE: Max & Stacy, SLA Command Center
    + General regional operations and specific PSYOPs are moving forward according to plan.
    + Close coordination with both the Silver Vigilantes and Gold Vigilantes established.
    + Acquisition and stacking of the physical proceeds, as is practicable, until further notice.

  9. MonkeyMan says:

    235 ounces of silver bullets and counting. Crash JP werewolf. Viva la SLA.

  10. We are with you. Choose change and follow through. We at support conscience, non-violent movements such as this and we thank you for taking a stand in one branch at ending corruption.

  11. SmallHand says:

    I am a Small Hand with just 120 Oz!

    Crash em!

  12. Silverrabbi Colognemarks says:

    I worship silver in the Temple Beth Argentum. On my facebook page, I have posted the most basic histories and tenets of the fanatical silver worship and their fight against agents ofthe unclean fiat. [SEARCH for Hansa Junchun]


    The darkest period for silver worshipers occurred from 1965. In that year, the fanatical Emperor Liberalus Progressivus (born Lyndonus Bainesus Johnsonius) issued an edict against Silver Worship. In a fit of madness, he sowed a great heresy, which history gives us the name Cupro-Nickel Apostasy. Silver coins became clad copper coins: false prophets. Many believers were deceived by this wickedness. Many observers of true faith in silver unwiittingly accepted shiny falseness from the evil Emperor’s pocketbooks. The cult of Fiat was on the rise, and the cult of Silver was in the wane.

    1971 was the blackest year of the Silver Worshipers. Already stricken by apostasy, they were subject to state persecution under the insane Emperor Bombus Cambodius (born Richardus Milhouseus Nixonius). In that terrible year, Fiat was made a state religion, and persecution of the Silver Worshipers became a sickening public sport. Many holy saints of the Silver community were thrown to the fiat lions.


    Silver worshipers have their own sacred texts, known collectively as the “Books of the Argentii.” Among the most quoted passages to-day are:

    “And the great beast revealed itself, and his name is Jamie Dimon.” (Book XXII, Ch. XIV, verse III)

    “I saw a woman with two faces and a spine of paper, drunk on the iniquities of Wall Street. She was called ‘Mystery, Blythe Masters.'” (Book XLI, Ch. V, verse II)

    “A silver eagle flew across the heavens, chanting, ‘Woe, woe, woe unto the earth, for the other QEs that have yet to be unsealed'” (Book LVIII, Ch. V, verse XIII)

  13. Twat-wa says:

    “To win this fatwa…”

    You veritable douchebag!

  14. infowars says:

    crash jp morgan! buy silver!

    Max Keiser: Zerstört JP Morgan – kauft Silber !

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