Crash J P Morgan. Buy Silver.

We are the Silver Liberation Army
We are legion
We do not forgive
We do not forget
Expect us

Silver Liberation Army

  1. smartypants says:

    “To win this fatwa all that we need is truth and we will destroy your reign of financial terror without ever causing physical harm. ”

    you can’t “win” a fatwa.

  2. salman rushdie says:

    nope, i did. 😉

  3. F. Michael Tuohey says:

    ” First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you,
    then you win ! ” Gandhi.

    Expect Us.

  4. Ron Helwig says:

    As well as buying silver, stop using “their” money and start using your own. Check out Shire Silver for a way to return the power to make money to the people, as individuals.

  5. Martin says:

    Just think about it…this wind of change, (and not Obama’s change, either) is blowing by the strength of LESS than 2% of the population. Imagine what just 10% could accomplish!!! Teach someone about the cleptocrats…help someone to buy silver!! You CAN make things happen. Don’t listen to the naysayers. Don’t give in to the uncertainties. Look straight ahead and don’t falter. There IS a victory coming! Carpe diem!!!


  7. janne says:

    This was a pretty shitty web page, didn’t really give me any information at all.

    I’ll have a look at wikipedia instead, a kind advice would be to stop talking and start acting instead, feels so french to talk rather than act…..

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